House & Garden clearance

The cost efficiency of a garden clearance could depend on many elements and factors. It is calculated in different methods. The price you have to pay will be determined by; first the size of the rubbish then the time that it takes and finally the type of wastes.

Here are our prices in general

Cost From Cubic MeterType of transitMan power
£155UP TO 10 M3A trailer1 Man
£225UP TO 13 M3A Transit Van1 Man
UP TO 16M3A Luton Van1 Man
UP TO 26M3Luton Van & A Trailer 2 Men

A separated fee required for the tipping depending on the volume of the waste

If you would like to request the service based on the above price list or prefer us to carry out your request based on a contract then could you please take a bit time and fill in the form below, then we will send you a booking slot or a precise quote if required. You will be able to book the service that required for the date and time that suits your requirement.

Please note that the whole process will take no longer than 30 minutes